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Part-Worn Tyres

Part-worn tyres refer to used tires that have been previously fitted and used on another vehicle. These tires are typically obtained from salvage yards, tire dealers, or individuals who have replaced their tires before reaching their full tread life. Part-worn tyres may have varying levels of remaining tread depth, and their condition can vary greatly depending on their usage and maintenance.

  • 15 inch Tyres £25

  • 16 Inch Tyres £30

  • 17 inch Tyres £35 - £45

  • 18 Inch Tyres £40 - £60

  • 19 Inch Tyres £60

  • 20 inch Tyres £80 - £100 depending on size

New Tyres

New tyres are tires that have never been used and are purchased directly from tire manufacturers or authorized dealers. They are designed to offer optimal performance, safety, and longevity. New tyres come with full tread depth and are manufactured using the latest technologies and materials to meet industry standards and provide excellent grip on various road surfaces.

New tyres provide several advantages over part-worn tyres. They offer maximum tread depth, ensuring better traction and braking capabilities. New tyres are typically free from any wear, damage, or defects, providing consistent performance and enhanced safety. Moreover, new tyres often come with warranties from the manufacturer, offering peace of mind to the buyers.

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